Brian Ewing has been a freelance illustrator/designer for various companies, bands, publishers, and eccentric patrons. With over 180 posters under his belt, Ewing’s still got all of his teeth and most of his student loans paid off. He’s been a guest artist on four music tours that took him across the country and to some place called “Canada. That kind of personal interaction helped him gain a wider audience and keep it. Since then, he’s branched out into designing t-shirts, shoes, art prints, and more rock posters. He recently finished working on the 2009 Warped Tour as the resident poster artist. This is his sixth year working on that campaign. In July ‘09, Dark Horse books is publishing a book on Ewing collecting some of his rock poster work from the past 8 years. Brian has recommended as the GO TO place to get his art and other cool concert posters ! Brian Ewing says GO TO for Concert Posters