Ok, I`m not a real crazy collector, I discoverd “Otto” accidentally.
There was this unbelievable Muddy-thing, a Muddy Waters concert contract from 1977. And I thought, wow, can this be true?
Of course it was.
And this way started a really long and amazing email-conversation and “Muddy” started it`s loooooong travel to Hamburg, lovingly packeged and with some nice give-aways.
We had so much fun with tracking “Muddys” way, the USPS were the same lame ducks as the german DHL but every thing ended up fine.
Otto – you are my man!
And if anyone would ask me to describe him and his business with only three words – I`d say, only three words are not enough!
If you search for memorabilias, just trust and buy at ODDTOES.COM , you`ll never be disappointed. And maybe – he`ll support you to find, what you are looking for …

*This little statement maybe is written in a poor english – so, forgive me, Otto 😉


I can’t say enough good things about Otto! When I called to inquire about shipping, he returned my call immediately. Imagine in this day and age actually getting a hold of a real person!!
I needed the poster in two days and Otto sent it out via overnight the next morning. Through no fault of his own, the post office didn’t make it in time. Needless to say, since it was guaranteed by the USPS, the post office owed me a refund. Otto went down the next day and spent over a hour of his time at the post office working on getting my money back. He refunded it the same day.
The poster was amazing, but the customer service was even better. I cannot recommend his company enough. He truly is a man of integrity and genuinely cares about his customers. You won’t be disappointed. I couldn’t think of a better company to do business with. Thank you Otto!!!!


Gwar Poster 1999 Concert Tour

The poster wasn’t cheap, but oddtoes sent it rolled in protective paper, and in a tube. They are respectful of the cultural art they deal in! Great GWAR concert poster! #gwar

I was searching for the perfect gift for my husband’s fortieth birthday. He is a musician, and Jimi Hendrix was a very early inspiration. From his collection, Otto sold to me his Jim Marshall print of Jimi Hendrix at The Monterey Pop Festival in 1967. You know the one…
On the back, it has Jim Marshall’s hand-written notes and date. A letter of authenticity from Jim Marshall’s exclusive printer was included.
I totally botched the initial order, and Otto rushed it to FedEx to make sure it got to me in time for my husband’s birthday.
The picture is featured on the cover of Jim Marshall’s book, “Not Fade Away”. I was able to secure a first edition copy of the book, which completed the birthday gift.
Otto – you are amazing. Thank you!

Andrea Goodkin
I’ve purchased several prints from Otto over the last couple years, and every time I’ve been extremely happy with the product and customer service he provides. He has always been very prompt in answering any questions and he ships everything very fast. You can really tell he cares about the customers and thrives to be the very best, and I believe he has succeeded in doing just that. Thank you Otto!
Steven Sova