Tyrone Davis Concert Contract 1975 Georgia


TYRONE DAVIS & BAND September 7th, 1975 at Municipal Auditorium, Georgia Original contract made May 29th, 1975. This is an original 1975 contract for a Tyrone Davis concert, acquired directly from Paragon Agency, a subsidiary of Capricorn Records which was one of the premiere southern music labels at the time. There are 4 different colored pages, all with the same printed text on them but they were signed individually (not carbon-copy) and all have the same small print on the back from the American Guild of Variety Artists. Sometimes an agent or manager signed on behalf of the artist so we can’t say for sure if the signature is Tyrone’s. It measures approximately 8.5″x15″ when unfolded. Check out the photos to see a couple of the pages. It is in very good condition but like a lot of original contracts it includes corrections, alterations and staple holes original to the agency, as well as small creases and some shelf wear. If you’re a collector or just a big Tyrone Davis fan this is your chance to own a rare piece of musical history!

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