Glenn R. Townsend Poster w/ Lou Ann Barton & Omar and The Howlers 1997 Smokehouse Blues Concert


Date:Sunday February 16th, 1997 Performers: Glenn R. Townsend, Lou Ann Barton, Omar & The Howlers Venue: Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa, OK Dimensions: Approximately 11″x17″ An original vintage poster promoting a 1997 concert at Cain’s in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Glenn R. Townsend, Lou Ann Barton and Omar & The Howlers performed a concert marking the 10th anniversary of KMOD’s Smokehouse Blues Show. The poster measures approximately 11″x17, printed on light blue card stock. It is in excellent condition. These were meant to be posted around town to promote the concert, taped to storefront windows, stapled to phone poles, etc., and as such were produced in relatively small numbers. They are much more rare than the typical commemorative concert poster that would be sold to the public.

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