Entombed Original Concert Contract w/ Unsane & The Obsessed – 1994 Tulsa, OK



w/ Unsane & The Obsessed

Original Concert Contract

Date: March 24, 1994

Venue: Cain’s Ballroom – Tulsa, OK

This is an original 1994 contract for Entombed’s concert with Unsane & The Obsessed. The contract includes: A main contract for Entombed, a second contract for Unsane, a third contract for The Obsessed,  a rider for all bands, an input list for all bands, various receipts and notes, news articles promoting the event, radio station promotional paperwork, biography sheets for all 3 bands, and 2 promo posters for Entombed’s album Wolverine Blues.

 Only one contract is created per show, making this an all original and one of a kind piece of music history.

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