Duane Allman Photograph by Baron Wolman Macon, GA 1969


Duane Allman

Classic Photograph !

“In March 1969, talented music writer Stanley Booth and I visited Macon, Georgia and Muscle Shoals, Alabama, on assignment for Rolling Stone. Among other southern music royalty, we hung out with Phil Walden of Redwal Music, the Macon music company Phil started with Otis Redding. At Redwal we were taken into the recording studio where we were introduced to the Allman Brothers; the band was in the studio rehearsing. This was very, very early in the career of the Allman Brothers; the band had only recently been shaped into its new form by Walden. Obviously I made some photographs.” -Baron Wolman

Dimensions: 8″ x 10″
Location: Macon, GA.

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