Cowboy Contract 1975 Concert



May 30-31, 1975

Muddy Waters in St. Louis, Missouri

Original Contract, signed  on May 23, 1975.

This is an original 1975 contract & rider acquired directly from Paragon Agency, a subsidiary of Capricorn Records which was the premiere southern rock label at the time.

This contract is original.

The contract was signed by Bob Burkhardt on the employer’s side, on the band’s side it was meant to be signed by band leader Scott Boyer or an agent thereof but for whatever reason in this case it was never actually signed.

The whole document is 9 pages long and stapled in the top left corner.

The cover page is double sided, the last three pages are the same as the first but different colors, the other pages are one sided.

It measures approximately 8.5″x 11″ and includes details about fees, technical specifications and refreshments for the band and crew.

Check out the photos to see a couple of the pages. Like a lot of original contracts it includes corrections, alterations and staple holes original to the agency, as well as minor shelf wear – It’s over 40 years old !

If you’re a collector or just a big Cowboy fan this is your chance to own a rare piece of rock history!

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