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Both Worlds Concert Contract Cro-Mags Pittsburgh 1996


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Both Worlds Concert Contract

Both Worlds

Featuring members of Cro-Mags, Leeway’s & Sick of it All


Arn City Pahnders

Original Concert Contract

Date: June 20, 1996

Venue: Graffiti Showcase – Pittsburgh, PA

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This is an original 1996 contract for Both Worlds’ concert with Gutwrench & Arn City Pahnders, acquired directly from Mike Elko of Elko Concerts. The contract includes: A main contract for Both Worlds, a band rider, an unused ticket for the event, and a flyer for the event.

Both Worlds has been dubbed a sort of hardcore “Supergroup” consisting of members from some of the top hardcore bands of the 90’s. Featuring vocalist John Joseph (ex-Cro-Mags) and axeman A.J. Novello and drummer Pokey formerly of Leeway.

 Only one contract is created per show, making this an all original and one of a kind piece of music history.

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