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The Nuvo Old School Artist that turns intangible ideas into tangible visions.
When one asks Blake how long he has been creating art he will say he cannot remember; but he does have early memories of creating, appreciating and learning the basics from influences such as his father, family and friends who were a staple in his life. At an early age Blake was introduced to all mediums and excelled in pen and ink. In his formidable years Blake took it upon himself to use the time most spent in school completing assignments to hone the skills that would eventually harbor the passion for what he was supposed to really being doing…CREATE.
Because of his natural contempt for the classroom much of his school days were spent dreaming of surfing, skating or playing music. Blake eventually started to explore a career creating poster art for a collection of local bands including his own. Through his experience of making poster art, Blake was given the opportunity to work for local graphic and surf companies. During the time spent working for these companies, Blake realized that he needed to branch out on his own to eliminate any restrictions that were holding him back. Machines, gears, guns, Naked Chicks, Psychedelic Monsters at high speeds, Cars, Motorcycles, landscapes and anything with tank tracks are the main themes in all of his work. He recycles them all into the most amazing backdrops for his awesome concert posters and art prints.
Blake has lived from Florida to California and now resides in North Carolina. To this day Blake continues honing his skills creating posters, art prints, t-shirts, and signs.
Look at his body of work and you will agree that Blake Wiley creates some “badass” art!