Capricorn Records 1977 Annual Barbecue & Summer Games – Welcome Packet


Capricorn Barbeque and Summer Games

Original Packet, Stored since 1977


The envelope was given to each participant with a stamped signed

WELCOME letter from Phil Walden, Sr.

8 pages of maps, highlights of Macon, suggestions and general boring info about the area 🙂

Phil Walden bought Lakeside in 1975 and opened up the park to the public.
The event’s most popular feature was the food. The barbecue feast was usually laid out buffet-style in the covered pavilion along the water’s edge.The chow-line featured local specialties such as “red hot” chicken, fried pork, cornbread and black-eyed peas.
Walden used the property to host the annual Capricorn Barbecue and Summer Games.Capricorn’s famed annual picnic was so hip it brought celebrities such as Don King, Andy Warhol, Jimmy Carter, Bette Midler, Martin Mull, Cher and Ronnie Van Zant to Macon’s Lakeside Amusement Park.

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