A hail of bullets. Dive-bombing lawnmowers. Musclecars and femme fatales with more curves than a runaway bus! Throw in a side of cheesecake and welcome to the shadowy underworld of Stainboy. Peeling out from the early punk rock scene (and once fronting his own supercharged rock 'n' roll dragster, Nutrajet ) Stainboy's Day-Glo color, powerhouse linework and love of pop culture trash have made his eye-assualting posters a perennial favorite among rock's cutting edge, including Sevendust, Nashville Pussy Flogging Molly, High On Fire, Joan Jett, Motorhead, and the New York Dolls. Dripping with violent wit and dark humor, Stainboy's posters demand immediate attention, armed with loaded guns, busty broads, gleaming street machines and tributes to classic exploitation cinema.

Stainboy's dossier has grown to include a diversity of work for clients such as the House of Blues, Live Nation, Fuse TV, Galpin Auto Sports, Club International magazine, Signatures Network and music venues around the world. His work is featured in "The Art of Modern Rock" (Chronicle), "Swag II: Rock Posters of The '90s and Beyond" (Abrams), and "Electric Frankenstein: High Energy Punk Rock & Roll Poster Art" (Dark Horse). Dark Horse books have recently published Stainboy's first book of collected works, Vicious Intent: The Rock 'N' Roll Art and Exploitation of Stainboy Reinel. Unschooled, undisciplined and unstoppable, Stainboy now carries out his deadly assignments and other secret services in sunny Orlando Florida while indulging his tastes in beautiful women, fast cars, expensive restaurants, and sharp, stylish clothing.
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