Is there a cerebral connection somewhere between art and skateboarding? For some people, skating is an art, for others, art has nothing to do with skating. Then there are those who combine these two things to form a lifestyle. Lindsey Kuhn has found a way to turn his passions into career, and has been both skating and creating art for over two decades. He Was Born in Evanston, IL, but grew up on the coast of Mississippi, where the now infamous Swamp ramp(s) stood for over 10 years.

In 1983 he began screen-printing t-shirts, primarily to pay for maintenance of the ramp. Those simple t-shirts have ballooned into an internationally known company called SWAMP. Today, Lindsey is best known for his silk-screened rock posters for hundreds of bands like The Melvins, Tool, Supersuckers, Nashville Pussy and more. Swamp also does custom printing and publishes work for other artists. In 1994, Lindsey started making Conspiracy Skateboards because of the lack of big skateboards in the industry at that time. Today, Conspiracy has grown into one of the few truly “independent” skate companies working with artists like Pushead, as well as having some of the best skaters in the country. Over the years Lindsey has done graphics for X-box, Camel, Oakley and most recently doing designs & touring with the “Southern Comfort Music Experience”.

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